Shand Stringham
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Gettysburg Revisited: A Novel of Time Travel

Gettysburg Revisited: A Novel of Time Travel
by Shand Stringham

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In the early 2000s in a top secret facility located deep beneath Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, years of research on time observation and travel technology by the United States military finally comes together.  As the project team, led by United States Army Colonel Barton Stauffer, begins testing the new time technology using the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg as an experimental test bed, they focus on placing a defensive temporal capability in position before other global powers can develop time travel capabilities of their own. But harnessing time proves challenging, and Stauffer's team soon discovers that their temporal technology controls are inadequate and their trial experiments are producing unpredictable results. As incredible temporal energies are inadvertently unleashed, unwitting civilians and military personnel are bounced around in time and team has to speculate on how they are changing history.  Stauffer soon realizes his team is doing much more than just observing battlefields through observation portals—they possess the ability to reset history for all humankind. Facing an enormous moral dilemma, now Stauffer must decide which is more important—leaving the past as it was or saving the future.