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Shand Stringham is the author of a science fiction trilogy of novels about time travel: Gettysburg Revisited, History Quest, and The Ancients. The storyline of the three books is loosely based on his twenty-six years of active duty experience in the United States Army through four overseas assignments in Germany, Mexico, Peru, and South Korea and his final assignment as a faculty member of the U.S. Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.

He also authored a nonfiction text titled Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management which he uses to supplement his college classes he teaches as an adjunct professor at various colleges in Central PA.


About the Author

Commissioned as an Field Artillery officer in 1972, Colonel Stringham served multiple assignments at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, home of the Field Artillery. During 26 years of active federal service, Colonel Stringham served a total of 11 years in foreign assignments in Germany, Mexico, Peru, and South Korea. During these assignments, he was assigned to host nation military and civilian organizations and he lived and worked in local communities interacting with the local populations. Along the way, he developed a deep appreciation for the culture and histories of the people He particularly enjoyed visiting archeological ruins which greatly enhanced his understanding of the historical antecedents of these parts of the world.

During his last assignment on active duty Colonel Stringham was assigned as a member of the faculty at the United States Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, where he served as Director of Americas Studies and taught classes on national security and strategy.

He retired from the Army in 1998 and moved his family from their quarters on Garrison Lane on Carlisle Barracks to a large home on a bluff overlooking Carlisle, Pennsylvania and the Cumberland Valley where he now resides with his wife, Quin.

After a brief respite, he went to work for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) where he served as the Chief Learning Officer responsible for Transportation University, the Baldrige Quality Program, and leadership and management development training in the agency. After six years at PennDOT, he left the agency and worked for three years at Penn State Hershey Medical Center in the Center for Training, Learning, and Leadership Development developing and teaching a curriculum in leadership and management development, project management, and basic medical Spanish.

Since his retirement from the military, he has kept busy teaching leadership and management classes as an adjunct college professor at Penn State Harrisburg, Duquesne University, Shippensburg University and the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. In his spare time, Colonel Stringham stays absorbed writing science fiction novels and non-fiction pieces on strategy, leadership, and management.

Here below is a brief synopsis of each of the four books:

Getttysburg Revisited

Gettysburg Revisited

In the early 2000s in a top secret facility located deep beneath Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, years of research on time travel technology by the United States military finally comes together. But the initial excitement soon wanes when a startling reality surfaces and captures a moral dilemma. Suddenly, everyone is speculating what will happen if they start changi

ng history. As the team, led by United States Army Colonel Barton Stauffer, begins testing the new time technology using the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg as an experimental test bed, they focus on placing a defensive temporal capability in position before other global powers can develop time travel capabilities of their own.

But harnessing time proves challenging, and Stauffer's team soon discovers that their temporal technology controls are inadequate and their trial experiments are producing unpredictable results. As powerful temporal energies are mistakenly unleashed, unwitting civilians and military personnel are bounced around in time, changing the past and irrevocably altering the present.

Stauffer soon realizes his team is doing much more than just observing battlefields through observation portals—they possess the awesome power to reset history for all humankind. All it takes is a flip of a switch to return to the beginning and halt the project. Now Stauffer must decide which is more important—leaving the past as it was or saving the future.


History Quest

In this second novel in the trilogy, the story continues in a top secret research facility buried deep beneath Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, where a Department of Defense black project has developed a temporal observation and time travel capability.  Its primary purpose is to set up a defensive posture and interdiction capability against a potential hostile power that could also develop time travel and use it against the United States.  But, as the technology matures, Colonel Barton Stauffer is tasked to break off from the original mission and lead an elite team on a parallel tasking to pursue a history quest, to recover lost knowledge about man’s past. 

Our understanding of the history of mankind is full of holes, gaps, and distortions.  Some of the most important elements of the human experience have been excised from history.  Legions of conquerors have destroyed the records of conquered peoples and rewritten history to their own liking and advantage.  The team’s fundamental purpose is to explore the past and develop an undistorted understanding of human history as it really occurred.  But, in carrying out the mission, Stauffer’s team discovers that what lies hidden in the past is sometimes best left unexamined. A gut-wrenching dilemma unfolds as the team tries to balance the noble purposes of their history quest with the painful realization of mankind’s past inhumanity to man.

The Ancients

The Ancients is the third book in the Barton Stauffer time travel trilogy, which began with Gettysburg Revisited and History Quest , bringing to a dramatic conclusion the saga of mankind’s exploration of the past using temporal technology. Barton Stauffer has now been assigned to lead an special team of time travelers to survey the ancient prehistoric past stretching into Antediluvian times.

Without any written records that have survived into our own day, our understanding of this time period is based entirely on conjecture, flavored by legend, mythology, oral history, and misunderstood archaeological activity. The challenge of using temporal technology to explore our prehistoric past is that the history of mankind is inextricably intertwined with our religious experience and tradition. What lies hidden or lost in the prehistoric past shrouds the truth about man’s ancient origins, but extensive cities, built of intricately carved monolithic stones, provide evidence of early, extraordinarily advanced technologies.

As Stauffer leads his team in search of evidence for the great Flood and the legendary Hall of Records, the danger of the mission is exacerbated by hostile forces trying to obliterate all evidence of mankind’s ancient past.

Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management

Leaders and managers face tremendous pressure to keep their organizations moving forward successfully. It can seem like an impossible task amid economic uncertainty and hyper-competition.

The roles of leader and manager tug us in opposite directions: managers seek stability and predictability, and leaders usually opt for turbulence and change. With so many companies asking their best employees to be both leaders and managers, it’s no wonder that so much of the business world is dysfunctional.

In this guidebook, a former colonel with the US Army explains how leaders and managers work—and how to succeed in both roles. You can learn how to

     • leverage competing requirements for leading and managing change;

     • formulate effective operational and developmental strategies;

     • make decisions that address complex challenges and opportunities; and

     • help people through the anxiety and trauma of change.

Whether you are a student seeking to understand the workplace, an employee rising up the ranks or an active leader or manager, Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management provides you with tools and knowledge to help your organization succeed